What if you are new to the city?

Is this your first time in Kazan and not sure where to start exploring the city? We will be happy to tell you about the most interesting places that you definitely need to visit.

1. The Kazan Kremlin


Any resident of Kazan will tell you that you need to start sightseeing with the Kazan Kremlin. This place is not accidentally called the heart of the city: it is here that you can observe the harmonious neighborhood of Russian and Tatar cultures.
The ensemble of the Kremlin includes 13 towers, the Governor's Palace, the Vvedenskaya Church, the Annunciation Cathedral, the largest mosque in Europe Kul-Sharif, and other architectural complexes.

here are many museums that will appeal to history lovers on the territory of the Kremlin. You can visit the Manezh Exhibition Hall or the Hermitage-Kazan Centre and get acquainted with various types of art.
You need to plan a few hours for sightseeing of the Kazan Kremlin, because it is so interesting and informative. And if you come here in the evening, you will see a beautiful illumination that impresses literally all visitors.

2. The Kazan Arbat


Many large cities of Russia have their own Arbat. In Kazan, this role is performed by Bauman Street. It starts just outside the Kremlin and runs from Millennium Square to Tukay Square. More than 20 years ago, the street has become a pedestrian zone, and now it is a favorite place for walking citizens and tourists.
Passing the street, you will meet a lot of interesting things. Here are musicians and artists, numerous cafes and restaurants, comfortable benches, shops with souvenirs. The street is beautifully landscaped and decorated with sculptures, fountains, canopies, and other elements of urban decoration.
If your arrival in Kazan will be on some festive day, it is likely that you will be able to see here musical or theatrical performances and other entertainment events.

3. The Kremlin embankment


Another pedestrian area where we advise you to walk is the embankment of the Kazanka River. This street is also a favorite place for guests and residents of the city.

Words cannot express the beauty of the embankment. Here are glowing fountains, sculptures, and gazebos. Restaurants, cafes, and bars can be found in the beautiful buildings. In addition to footpaths, there are lanes for cyclists and roller skaters.
Winter is fun here too! The skating rink is almost a kilometer long – the longest in Russia and Europe. And it is impossible to look away from the glowing winter town!

4. Söyembikä –Leaning Tower

сююмбике (2).jpg

Famous Söyembikä Tower is one of the symbols of the city. It is falling, the deviation from the vertical is now almost two meters. The origin and purpose of the tower in ancient times is still a mystery to scientists. According to legend, the tower was named after the Queen who threw herself from it after Kazan had been conquered by Ivan the Terrible.
But old legends are replaced with new beliefs over time, and now many tourists go to the tower to "support" it a little. Do you know that if you do this, luck will accompany you all day! You do not believe – check it!

5. Old Tatar settlement

A very atmospheric, distinctive place.  It can be reached on foot from the pedestrian street Bauman.

This is the place where the Tatars settled after the capture of Kazan by Ivan the Terrible.  At different times, representatives of the Tatar intelligentsia, outstanding personalities, and religious leaders lived here.  Located in the lively center of the city, the Old Tatar Sloboda is a quiet corner that has brought together the most beautiful ancient mosques of the city and stone colorful houses that are the embodiment of Tatar life and culture.


We organize walking tour of the Old Tatar Sloboda, which will immediately take you to the atmosphere of the past, because this is the most national open-air museum in Kazan.

6. Embankment of Lake Kaban

It was recently completely rebuilt and equipped.  A great place to admire the city views, breathe in the humid air from Lake Kaban, feed the ducks, ride catamarans or just take a pleasant walk.


7. National complex Tugan avylym

The place where you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of Tatar life, there is a restaurant, a cafe, a pancake house, a mosque, a nikah center and even a bathhouse.  Acquaintance with this popular national entertainment complex "Tugan Avylym" can be carried out by going to Sightseeing tour with us!


8. Gorky Park

One of the oldest parks in Kazan.  Here lovers make appointments, ride scooters and bicycles, enjoy nature, gather for a picnic, do photo shoots, drink from nearby coffee shops, do morning jogs and read books on benches.  If you are lucky, you can meet squirrels and feed them by hand.

After the reconstruction of the park, beautiful singing fountains appeared here, which play in different colors in the evening.

9. The Temple of All Religions

храм всех рел (1).jpg

Where else can a cultural centre with such a name be located, if not in Kazan? You will not see this in any other country in the world: the building of the centre combines elements symbolizing 16 world religions! If you want to look at this architectural miracle, it is necessary to go to one of the city suburbs, however it is worth it!

The construction is not finished yet, but in one of the pavilions of the unique building an art gallery has already been opened. The concept of the project is as follows: it is not intended as a religious building, but as a symbol of the merger of different religions and cultures.

10. Museum city panorama in Kazan

The Panorama Museum in Kazan will allow you to travel in a virtual time machine and see the settlements of the times of the Kazan Khanate.  This modern exhibition and entertainment center invites guests to get acquainted with the thousand-year history of the city.


The world of amazing multimedia exhibits about the history and modernity of Kazan, created by scientists, artists, designers, engineers using the most modern digital technologies.  A place of vivid impressions, where the past and the present meet the future!

11. The Museum of Socialist Life

музей соц быта (1).jpg

This place is sure to appeal to everyone who feels nostalgia for Soviet times. Believe us, it has nothing to do with boring museums! Here is a very warm atmosphere, everything is thought out literally to the smallest detail, from the musical design to the selection of exhibits.
Reviews of visitors are filled with warm feelings: "As if we were in the childhood", "It was interesting to plunge into the past", "Received unforgettable impressions". The museum will be interesting to people of all ages without exception: someone will remember his or her youth, and someone will be surprised by the way of life of the Soviet era, which is so authentically presented here. Go, you will not regret it!

You can endlessly continue the list of attractions and corners of Kazan which certainly need to visit. For your convenience we have compiled excursion programs, in which options for exploring our city are most successfully selected. In addition, you can always order an individual tour that we will organize taking into account your interests!

12. For out-of-town trips, we recommend the Ancient city of Bolgar.

Excursion to the ancient city of Bolgar from Kazan by bus - this is the most interesting excursion possible!  After all, one of the modern attractions of Tatarstan today is the city of Bolgar.  And during the bus excursion you will be able to penetrate into its history, which refers you to the times of the Volga Bulgaria - a Turkic state that existed in the Middle Ages on the territory of the middle Volga region. There is a separate article about him. 


13. Island-city Sviyazhsk

One of the most interesting historical places in Tatarstan is Sviyazhsk.  This is a city created in three weeks during the Kazan campaign of Ivan the Terrible, but has gained its fame as the site of the construction of Orthodox churches and monasteries.  It is here that we want to propose to go on a comfortable bus from Kazan. Excursion to Sviyazhsk will surprise everyone, because despite the external unremarkableness and small size, the city twice became the center, where the fate of the state was actually decided.  The history and origin of Sviyazhsk are closely related to military operations.There is a separate article about him.


You can endlessly continue the list of sights and corners of Kazan, which must be visited.  For your convenience, we have excursion programs in Kazan,in which the options for exploring our city are most successfully selected.  In addition, you can always order an individual tour, which we will organize taking into account your interests!

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