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Excursion route

  • the Temple of All Religions
  • the Church of the Holy Fathers Slain at Sinai and Raithu;
  • the Church of Faith, Hope, Love and Their Mother Sophia
  • the Raifa Lake
  • a chapel consecrated by the patriarch with a source of holy water
  • the Trinity Cathedral with a church
  • the icons of the Most Holy Mother of God in the Trinity Cathedral
  • Island Sviyazhsk

Excursion to the Island-city Sviyazhsk, to the Temple of all religions and Raifu from Kazan by bus

We offer you an excursion to the Temple of All Religions – a miracle of church architecture of the Volga Region is just a 30-minute drive from the centre of Kazan. You can go to this excursion any day choosing a convenient schedule. The program schedule of the Kazan-Raifa excursion provides a pause for rest and time for the purchase of souvenirs and gifts. Visiting the excursion to Raifa from Kazan is sure to leave a deep emotional imprint on fans of the architecture and history of the Orthodox religion. A trip to the Temple of All Religions is a great option for weekend excursions for residents and guests of Kazan.



In the mind of the average Russian citizen thinking about how to spend a holiday or weekend there is a wrong stereotype that there are few interesting places to visit in the European part of the country. The cultural and historical attractions of the Late Middle Ages located on the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan can confute this stereotype.

An excursion to the Temple of All Religions should be included to the list of such trips to Orthodox shrines. This is an architectural ensemble which reflects the idea of the unity of all the world's most famous religions, including already disappeared beliefs and cults. Those who will go on an excursion to the Temple of All Religions with our guide will learn about the most interesting historical facts, and many more mysteries and secrets in the history of the formation of the Russian Empire. All our excursions are conducted on comfortable buses and follow thoughtful routes. Fascinating stories of a professional guide during an excursion to the Temple of All Religions from Kazan will not leave in the minds of tourists any questions and gaps in the history and culture of the country in this period of its existence. We have no ban on photo and video shooting, no special permissions or surcharges are required. A trip to the Raifa Monastery will open your eyes to the history of Orthodoxy in the Volga Region.




During this excursion we will visit Raifa. You can reach this cultural and historical site of Orthodoxy in 50 minutes from Kazan. In Raifa there is the Bogoroditsky Monastery, which was founded by the hermit Filaret in the 17th century. The monastery itself stands on the bank of a lake with pristine water, around which a centuries-old pine forest stands proudly, which will also benefit the health of the pilgrim going on an excursion to Raifa.

Also, tourists who sign up for excursions to Raifa will be able to see and visit:

  • the Trinity Cathedral with a church;

  • the Church of the Holy Fathers Slain at Sinai and Raithu;

  • the Church of Faith, Hope, Love and Their Mother Sophia.

Tourists going on an excursion from Kazan to Raifa will be able to see firsthand one of the oldest Georgian icons of the Most Holy Mother of God in the Trinity Cathedral. And you can collect any amount of the holy water, consecrated by the Patriarch, from the holy spring on the bank of the lake near the ancient chapel.

Excursion to Sviyazhsk


Further, our sightseeing bus begins to move towards the famous island-town Sviyazhsk.  A tour of Sviyazhsk is something unforgettable, it is something that you should definitely see for yourself at least once.  This city was destined to receive soldiers before the decisive battles, on which the fate of the Russian state depended.  This happened for the first time in 1552, when it became a stronghold where the troops of Ivan the Terrible gathered and prepared.  After 4 unsuccessful campaigns against the Kazan Khanate, Ivan the Terrible nevertheless captured Kazan.

 The second time this happened in 1918, when Sviyazhsk became the point of formation of the armed forces of the young Soviet republic.  After Kazan left the Red Army, its military units were demoralized and needed to be replenished.  Thanks to the iron will of the Soviet leadership and the measures taken, it was possible to regain control of the capital of Tatarstan and lay the foundation for the creation of disciplined and combat-ready forces.

 During an excursion to Sviyazhsk from Kazan, excursionists learn that the city has not only a military history, but is also one of the spiritual centers.  Tourists will see: Bogoroditsky Monastery, the Assumption Monastery and other architectural monuments created in the XVI-XVIII centuries.  Inspection takes about 5 hours, and during this time of the tour you will simply be amazed at the full history of Sviyazhsk.  This is a truly unique city.  

 * the tour will take place when recruiting the minimum number of groups

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