Adult price:
Pupils, students, senior citizens:
Price for children under 7 years:
The start of the tour:
2 hours
Gathering place:
The clock on Bauman Street, a pedestrian walk along Kremlevskaya Street

Excursion route

  • KFU – the Museum of History, the Museum of Chemical School (one of the oldest universities in Russia) – 2-3 museums – 250 rubles / person
  • The National Library (the building that houses the National Library was donated by a student of Kazan University Alexei Ushkov, the son of the owner of the Association of Chemical Plants, to his fiancee Zinaida Vysotskaya. The project of the house in the Empire and Baroque style was executed by the architect Mufke in 1904-08. The house is located opposite the complex of Kazan University, next to Lobachevsky Square) - 300 rubles /person at a certain time: 11:00, 13:00, 15:00
  • The Ethnographic Museum (The main building of Kazan State University where the museum is located is a unique architectural monument of the XIX century listed in the register of monuments subject to UNESCO protection) - 100 rubles /person
  • The Kremlin (the little stop near the gates of the Kremlin)
  • The Kremlin embankment

Travel company "KAZAN360" offers interesting programs to visit the Tatar capital and invites guests and residents of the city on a tour "Granite of science." The format of such a trip is informative and helps to get to know Kazan better as a center of science, art and culture of Tatarstan.

Tour program:

Our company organizes excursions in a variety of options - walking, bus, individual. Especially for children under 7 years old, schoolchildren, students and senior citizens discounts on tours. And now we offer a two-hour walk along Kremlin Street. After all, it is here that the most interesting places to visit are concentrated. Description of the tour route:

1.     We will begin the journey by the clock on Bauman Street and go to Kazan Federal University. On the territory of the oldest multidisciplinary university there are several museums with rich collections from the fields of geology, ethnography, botany, zoology, history, architecture and chemistry. The price of visiting two or three museums is 250 rubles. per person.

2.     Your attention will be presented to a unique building that is subject to UNESCO protection and is a monument of architecture of the 19th century - the Ethnographic Museum, located in the main building of Kazan State University. The price of the visit is 100 p. per person.

3.     Our group will definitely visit the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan located in the Ushkova House near Lobachevsky Square. A beautiful building in the Empire and Baroque style was donated by Alexei Ushkov to his bride Zinaida Vysotskaya. The construction project was implemented by the famous architect of the time, Karl Mufke. The House has a library with one of the largest book collections in Russia. The price of a visit is 300 rubles per person, possibly at certain hours of the day.

Our fascinating tour will end at the walls of the Kazan Kremlin with a short stop near the gates of this main attraction of the capital. We will also take a walk along the Kremlin Embankment, where you can take photos with very beautiful views.

Comfortable trip:

To provide tourists with competent excursion services, professional guides work with groups. They perfectly know the history of Kazan, are familiar with all the sights of the capital. Our guides speak three languages ​​and can conduct tours in Russian, English or Chinese. In addition, it is possible to listen to information from the guide through the headphones so as not to miss anything interesting. During the tour, group members can:

·        use the services of a photographer;

·        take shelter from the rain if the weather goes bad during a street walk.

The two-hour excursion "Granite of Science" will open before you a new Kazan - the city in which prominent figures of science, culture and various fields of knowledge lived and worked. You can buy an educational tour of the capital on the website of our company by filling out a special form. Leave a request and get discounts when paying online or booking an excursion among the first ten tourists. Kazan is a city worth seeing!

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