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Excursion route

  • The Cathedral Mosque and the Great Minaret are the center of the architectural ensemble;
  • The Eastern mausoleum is a Muslim tomb;
  • The northern mausoleum is the symbol of the Bulgarian ancient settlement;
  • The Khan Tomb and the Small Minaret are holy places in the memory of ancestors;
  • The Black Chamber - people's memory - linked its name to a beautiful legend about the Bulgarian princess Altynchech, who rushed from the roof of the building, refusing to marry the Golden Horde Khan;
  • The White Mosque is one of the most significant structures that have added to the modern collection of architectural heritage of Tatarstan. The white rank of the structure makes the mosque similar to the Indian Taj Mahal;
  • Museum of Bulgarian Civilization - exposition of the museum tells about the life of the Bulgarian people - the ancestors of the modern Kazan Tatars;
  • A memorial sign - this is where the largest printed Quran in the world is kept.

Excursion to Bolgar from Kazan

Excursion to Bolgar from Kazan is perfect for you if you intend to have a nice holiday, have a great time, and if you are interested in the history of the ancient towns of the Volga Region. Bolgar or Bulgar is one of the most ancient towns of Tatarstan. The history of its appearance dates back to the appearance of the Bulgars, Turkic-speaking tribes, on the Volga. Many monuments and artifacts of different eras that survived the town have come down to us (excavations are still ongoing in the town). Historical and architectural monuments of Bulgar are the evidence of its fall and rebirth. Having made an excursion to Bulgar from Kazan by bus, you will plunge into a completely different, ancient era.


Excursions to Bolgar from Kazan give a unique opportunity to:

• plunge into the history and features of the peoples that inhabited the Volga Region at different times;;

• visit monuments of architecture unique in their importance and beauty, which are included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO;

• get acquainted with the gastronomic features of the local cuisine.


Bolgar is famous for its unique architecture, both ancient and modern. Our excursion includes the main attractions:

  • Visit to the Bolgar Reserve Museum
  • Architectural monuments of the XIII-XIV centuries, such as the Cathedral Mosque, the Eastern and Northern Mausoleums, the Khan's Tomb, the Big and Small Minarets
  • The Black Chamber, the White Chamber, the Khan's Bath and numerous archaeological sites 
  • The Memorial Sign for the Adoption of Islam – the world's largest printed Quran
  • The White Mosque.

During the excursion you will learn about the most famous architectural and historical monuments:

  • The White mosque. Built in 2012. (Construction of indescribable beauty);
  • The Memorial Sign for the Adoption of Islam. It holds the world's largest printed Quran (weights 0.5 tons);

  • The Museum of Bulgarian Civilization;
  • The Well of Gabdrakhman;

  • The Eastern Mausoleum (the 14th century);

  • The Small Minaret (Sultan's tomb);

  • The Healer's House;

  • The Museum of Bread;

  • The Northern Mausoleum;

  • The Assumption Church;

  • The Khan’s Palace;

  • The Black Chamber;

  • The Memorial Sign to the Sahaba;

  • The White Chamber (the 14th century excavations);

  • Saint Abraham's Church

Tourists from all over the world come to see the unique architectural and historical complex. And making an excursion to Bolgar from Kazan on a comfortable bus, it is not difficult to visit all the sights. And don't forget about free snacks during the excursion!

  In addition to the aesthetic pleasure of contemplating the monuments of history and architecture of Bolgar, you will learn a lot of interesting information about the objects from our professional and highly qualified guides. Our guides provide information in Russian, English and Chinese.

  Excursions to Bolgar from Kazan by bus mean comfort and high-quality service. For a reasonable price you will enjoy the picturesque scenery of the Volga Region already on the way over. The way time from Kazan to Bulgar, spent in a comfortable bus, will spin away. Visiting the architectural monuments of Bolgar, unique in their beauty, their images and pleasant memories will stay with you for a long time.

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