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Excursion route

  • Innopolis, the city of high technologies (visit to the University, the campus, the sports complex, the technopark as well as information about the conditions of training of students and the privileges of residence and work of residents of the youngest Russian science city)
  • the island of Sviyazhsk (where guests can see the Bogoroditsky Monastery, the famous monastery of the XVI century, as well as a huge number of other interesting sights and cultural monuments, various temples, churches and icons)

Excursion to Innopolis and the Island town of Sviyazhsk from Kazan

Excursion to Sviyazhsk and Innopolis from Kazan is the best solution for those who want to see both the future and the past during one day. During the excursion you will be provided with free snacks, experienced guides and comfortable buses.

The excursion begins with a visit to one of the three Russian science cities, Innopolis, built under the leadership of Liu Thai Ker, a leading Singaporean architect. Then the bus will go to Sviyazhsk, a town created in three weeks during the Kazan campaign of Ivan the Terrible, but gained its fame as a place of construction of Orthodox churches and monasteries. Excursion to Sviyazhsk and Innopolis lasts about 7 hours in total, and this time will fly by like a flash!


Within 3 years (from 2012 to 2015) the city of Innopolis, a part of the Kazan agglomeration, one of the three modern scientific centres was created. The city covers an area of only 2.2 square kilometers, but it has all the necessary infrastructure to accommodate 50 thousand people. 20 thousand are specialists in the field of innovative and information technologies, the rest are members of their families, students of educational institutions.

In the course of this excursion Innopolis University as well as the student campus, where science staff and students live, will be examined. This educational institution trains the managing staff of future IT companies. Education here is only on a fee basis, but the best students are paid scholarships to cover the cost of training. Innopolis University maintains close contacts with Russian leading universities (MSU, HSE, MIPT) as well as foreign "Almae Matres"(Carnegie Mellon University, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, etc.).

The excursion to Innopolis takes about 2 hours, and during this time you will be able to get an idea of what awaits our country in the near future. Despite the small area of this town, its educational institutions closely cooperate with such mastodons as Russian Railways, Gazpromneft, Transneft, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and other large organizations.


Then our excursion bus starts to move in the direction of the famous town-island of Sviyazhsk. An excursion to Sviyazhsk is something unforgettable, it is something that you should definitely see for yourself at least once. This town was destined to receive soldiers before decisive battles, which the fate of the Russian state depended on. For the first time it happened in 1552, when it became a strong point where the troops of Ivan the Terrible gathered and prepared. After 4 unsuccessful campaigns against the Kazan Khanate, Ivan the Terrible still captured Kazan.

The second time it happened in 1918, when Sviyazhsk became a point of formation of the armed forces of the young Soviet Republic. After the abandonment of Kazan by the Red Army its military units were demoralized and in need of replenishment. Thanks to the iron will of the Soviet leadership and the measures taken, it was possible to regain control of the capital of Tatarstan and lay the foundation for the creation of disciplined and battle-worthy forces.

During the excursion to Sviyazhsk from Kazan tourists will learn that the town has not only a military history, but it is also one of the spiritual centres. Tourists will see: the Bogoroditsky Monastery, the Assumption Monastery, and other architectural monuments created in the XVI-XVIII centuries. The tour takes about 5 hours, and during this time you will be amazed by the full history of Sviyazhsk. This is a truly unique town. And do not forget about food - free snacks will not let you get hungry all day long!

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