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The KAZAN360 company is engaged in the development and implementation of excursion tours to historical places of Kazan and its environs.

A convenient search is organized on our website. Thanks to the simple navigation through the pages of the site, you can choose the option of excursion that will be of interest to you. To make a choice, check out tour programs on the site.

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There are so many historical sights, architectural monuments, galleries and exhibition halls, museums, theaters and other cultural and entertainment objects in Kazan that the plan of excursions can be made in accordance with a wide variety of preferences and with any duration of your stay in our city.

We promise you unforgettable emotions and vivid impressions of our excursions!

If you have any questions or suggestions about the tour, or if you did not find a program suitable for you among our offers, you can ask questions or get advice from our managers by phone 8 800 201-61-38; +7 917 919-03-60.

Memo to the tourist about the rules of conduct on excursions:

  1. Adhere to generally accepted rules and norms of behavior, respect the local traditions.
  2. Do not violate the declared schedule of excursions and the time frame released for the inspection of objects.
  3. Do not disturb the organizers and do not violate their rights, as well as the rights of other excursion participants and third parties.
  4. To fully understand the topic of the tour, carefully listen and follow the instructions of the guide and the group leader.
  5. In no case do not leave the group without notifying the guide and the group leader.
  6. For safety reasons, when visiting observation decks, do not go beyond the installed fences.
  7. Do not deviate from the route, do not come close to the unfenced edges of ravines, cliffs and other dangerous places.
  8. The purchase and consumption of food in places not included in the excursion program must be agreed with the group leader.
  9. Shoot videos and take pictures only where permitted.
  10. Do not leave personal things unattended, as you are solely responsible for their safety.

During the bus tour:

1. Get on the bus at the command of the head to the places indicated by him.

2.Place your items in designated areas, leaving the cabin clear for security reasons.

3.Fasten your seat belt before starting the bus and do not unfasten it until the bus stops completely.

4. Get out of the bus only after the guide or team leader.

5. During the movement of the bus is prohibited:

6. If you get sick or have signs of nausea, immediately inform your accompanying person or guide.

7. When exiting the bus, one should not crowd, interfering with others, you need to exit carefully, one at a time.

8. After getting off the bus, pack up at the indicated location and follow the guide's instructions.

9. When returning to the bus, it is necessary to take those places on which you sat before exiting it.

10. In the event of an accident. clearly follow the instructions of the driver and team leader.

During a walking tour:

  1. Street traffic must be carried out in a compact group. At the same time, go so as not to interfere with other pedestrians.
  2. Cross roads only in compliance with traffic only in the right places and at the command of the team leader or guide.

General precautions:

  1. Keep track of your belongings, in particular, documents and money while moving around the city, visiting food points and sightseeing objects.
  2. In hot weather, use headgear and sunglasses.
  3. Pay attention to the state of health, both yours and other participants of the tour. At the first sign of ill health, contact your team leader or guide immediately.
  4. If you are behind the group, immediately contact the group leader or another participant in the event. In extreme cases, it is worth dialing the rescue service number 112. If you notice that another participant is behind, immediately inform the guide.

Choosing an excursion with us, you will receive:

Kazan has a special energy, combining the appearance of an old city and a modern metropolis, keeping many secrets and entertaining facts from the past and living an interesting life in the present. 

We are sure that you will love our city as we love it.

Welcome to Kazan!

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