Агентский договор туроператора "Kazan360"

The tour operator Kazan 360 invites you to cooperate! We have been working in the domestic tourism market since 2018 and are one of the leading reception companies in Tatarstan. Our advantage is not only the provision of guaranteed seats in the hotel, but also the provision of high-quality service to our customers throughout the entire travel route, including a quick response to tourists ' requests on the first call. We take care of our trusted partners and will be glad to cooperate with new agencies!

Agency agreement 2022

Conclude a contract 2022:

1. The original of the agreement must be sent by mail to the address: 420111, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, Tashayak st., 2A, room 292; 

2. Send scans of 1-7 pages of the contract with a seal by e-mail kazan360.com@gmail.com;

3. After the contract is registered and a number is assigned to it, you can get to work.

Download documents:

Financial guarantees 2022

The financial security of the Firm is the tour operator's civil liability insurance contract: 

  1. Information about the organization that provided the Tour operator with financial security for the tour operator's liability: Contract of insurance of the tour operator's civil liability for failure to fulfill obligations under the contract for the sale of a tourist product CONTRACT No. 433-548-008393/22 dated January 26, 2022, valid from February 03, 2022 to February 02, 2023 in the amount of 500,000 (Five hundred thousand) rubles. The insurer under the above agreement is the Insurance Public Joint Stock Company Ingosstrakh, located at the address: 117997, Russia, Moscow, st. Pyatnitskaya, 12, building 2; 

  2. The insurer is obliged to pay insurance indemnity under the tour operator's liability insurance contract at the written request of the tourist and (or) other customer in the event of an insured event. The basis for the payment of insurance indemnity under the tour operator's liability insurance contract is the fact of establishing the tour operator's obligation to compensate the tourist and (or) other customer for real damage arising from non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment by the tour operator of obligations under the contract for the sale of a tourist product, if this is a significant violation of the terms of such an agreement.

Agent's commission

The agency fee is provided only to travel agencies that have concluded an agency agreement with Kazan 360 and have all the necessary documents to carry out tourist activities. The standard size of the agent's commission is 10% and may vary depending on the pricing policy and promotions of the tour operator and hotels.

Increased commission program 2022

Dear Colleagues! Thank you for your cooperation! 

In 2022, the standard agency fee is 10%. There is a bonus system for excursion tours. When the agent reaches the actual sales volume in the amount of 200,000 rubles. during the calendar year, the standard commission for sightseeing tours can be increased by + 4%. At the end of the year, the increased agency fee may also be revised downward if the agent does not fulfill the specified sales volume. 

We appreciate your work and professionalism! We want our partnerships to develop in a stable, mutually beneficial and solvent environment. We ask you to respect your own work and refuse to provide unreasonable discounts to tourists at your own expense from your commission! We wish you good sales in 2022 and grateful tourists! 

The Agent makes full payment for the tourist product based on the invoice issued by the Tour Operator within three banking days from the date of invoicing, or partial payment in the amount of at least 50% of the tour cost. Full payment for the tour must be made by the Agent no later than three weeks before the start of the tour. If the Tour Operator confirms the booking of a tourist product with a travel start date less than 07 working days from the date of confirmation, the Agent is obliged to make full payment for the tourist product within one banking day from the date of the invoice. At the request of the Tour Operator, the Agent is obliged to make full payment for the tourist product at other times, including those that are shorter than the terms of this paragraph.

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